Conference Theme

Nowadays, universities are increasingly called upon to address various issues relating to adult education. Be they people wanting to get academic recognition, to resume previously interrupted university studies, or to see their skills recognized, these adults lead universities to face new challenges.

In partnership with other educational agencies and with methods and paths other than traditional ones, higher education institutions are indeed expected to contribute to the development of a new learning paradigm. This model should promote an active process of orientation and personalization of the courses, as well as recognition of competences that the adult may have already acquired non-formally or informally through the workplace, through vocational training courses conducted independently or, again, cultivating a hobby.

Universities are therefore demanded to expand their mission by increasing, even with innovative approaches, the dissemination of knowledge, by enhancing the learning spaces for a variety of new kind of learners, so that citizens can be offered real training opportunities, and finally by fostering the recognition and validation of acquired experience.


Conference Topics

- Learning contexts
- Universities acknowledgment of acquired competences
- The VAE model and experimentations in European countries
- Implementing Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
- Recognizing virtual qualifications


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Welcome speeches

Giacomo Deferrari, Rector of the University of Genoa

Sergio Rossetti, Regional Minister for Education, Training and University

Study visits: Lifelong Learning in Italy

Italy towards a system for continuous training: three years courses and IFTS (Istruzione e Formazione Tecnica Superiore)
Mauro Palumbo, Sonia Startari, University of Genoa

Continuous training at the University of Genoa
Laura Barrago, University of Genoa
Alberto Spadoni, University of Genoa
Angela Testi, University of Genoa

The “Alta Via” Master Degree for graduated apprenticeship
Sandra D’Agostino, ISFOL – Institute for the development of vocational training

Caterina Ratto - Ansaldo Energia spa

Sectorial LLL: experiences in Medicine, Engineering, Maritime
Claudio Ferrari, Inés Cusano, University of Genoa
Andrea Fusco, Mario Testa, University of Genoa
Anna Siri, University of Genoa


Keynote speeches

Bridging the gaps between learning pathways : a new challenge for University and society to face the crisis
Aureliana Alberici, University of Roma Tre

The contribution of validation of competences to individual and professional pathways
Martine Carette, University of Lille1



University, stakeholders and learning contexts
Gabriella Dodero, Katja Luterotti, Alessandra Papa, Daniela Pichler, Free University of Bolzano
Maria Mendel, University of Gdansk
Hanna-Riikka Myllymäki, Aalto University
Kari Seppälä, University of Turku
Renaud Maes, Cécile Sztalberg, Michel Sylin, Université Libre de Bruxelles

European Universities & acknow-ledgement of acquired competences
Lea McKay, University of the West of Scotland
Elizabeth Ruting, University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam
Reinhard Schmidt, University of Florence
Luciano Galliani, Cristina Zaggia, Anna Serbati, University of Padua
Marit Stenberg, Oslo and Akershus, University College of Applied Sciences
Marit Stenberg, Oslo and Akershus, University College of Applied Sciences (2)
Lucília Tavares dos Santos, University of Aveiro

The VAE model & experimentations in European Countries
Jean-Marie Filloque, Cécile Sztalberg, Université de bretagne Occidentale - Université Libre de Bruxelles (French version)


Roundtable: Lifelong Learning: a new mission for Universities?

Beate Hörr, Johannes Gutenberg University-Zentrum für wissentschaftliche Weiterb
Mauro Palumbo, University of Genoa

Presentation of next conference

Presentation of Graz Conference



These are the posters accepted and displayed in the Conference. The abstract is linked when available.

Making Experience Count - A Case Study in RPL
Lea McKay - University of the West of Scotland UK

The challenge of promoting continuing education for professionals in the University of Seville
Encarnación Mellado, Carmen Márquez, Enrique López-Lara, María Luisa Ocaña, María Teresa García - University of Seville ES

Non-traditional students at the University: the M23 case in two HEI in Portugal
Lucília Santos - Universidade de Aveiro PT

ePortfolio as Assessment Instument for Successful Transition Process
Olga G. Smolyaninova - Siberian Federal University RU

Preliminary Investigation Into Acquired Competences
Giuliana Cok Ladomery, Pasquale Moliterni - Italian University of Sport and Movement of Rome Foro Italico IT

The University of Rome "Foro Italico" LLL Center in the Territory
Giuliana Cok Ladomery, Pasquale Moliterni - Italian University of Sport and Movement of Rome Foro Italico IT

Recognition and validation of prior and experiential learning for adult learners at University "Roma Tre": guidance through qualitative approach
Aureliana Alberici, Paolo di Rienzo - University Roma Tre IT

Five generations of learners at the Free University of Bolzano
Gabriella Dodero, Katja Luterotti, Alessandra Papa, Daniela Pichler - Free University of Bolzano Bozen IT

Changing lives. Literacy in Adult Education
Catarina Doutor - University of Algarve PT

PERMEVET - Transition between flexible pathways
Roger Bakken, Jan Erik, Heimdal Marit Stenberg - Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Science NO  

RPL and Open Universities in Germany, Denmark, Finland and the UK 
Jochen U. Schwarz, Sonja Moissidis, Sabine Remdisch - Leuphana University of Lüneburg DE

Employers' Definition of the LifeLong Learning University: the Lava Paradox
Renaud Maes, Jérôme Bruyere, Laetitia Linden, Cécile Sztalberg, Michel Sylin - Université Libre de Bruxelles BE

Engaging Student Interaction with Lecture Capture
Ilkka Kukkonen - Aducate, Centre for Training and Development, University of Eastern Finland FI

The educational value of portfolio construction and adviser support and guidance in recognition and validation of prior learning processes
Anna Serbati – University of Padua, IT


Projects and non-scientific posters

IDEAL: transfer and adaptation of a validation scheme of formal and informal learning (in English)
IDEAL: transfert et adaptation d’un dispositif de validation des acquis formels et informels
Carme Royo - EUCEN BE

DIALOGUE: Building bridges between Research and Practice in University Lifelong Learning
Françoise de Viron Julia Bosse - EUCEN BE

IMPLEMENT: Supporting institutions to become real Lifelong Learning Universities
Pat Davies, Gemma Valls - EUCEN BE

VIRQUAL: Integrating Virtual Mobility and European Qualification Framework in Higher Education and Continuing Education Institution
Carme Royo, Eva Bodnar - EUCEN BE

What are you supposed to learn/teach?
Gottfried Csanyi - Vienna University of Technology AT

UNILO Promoting the EQF Learning Outcomes approach within European Universities and E3M: European indicators and ranking methodology for university third mission
Alfredo Soeiro - University of Porto PT

Assessing Engineering Education using e-learning
Rita Falçao - University of Porto PT