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The University of Genoa Lifelong Learning Service was created with the aim of developing high-level training, in order to meet specific professional needs: First and Second level Master's courses, Postgraduate courses, Professional development courses, Lifelong Learning courses, Public empolyees courses, School Teacher courses.
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Our training courses are optimally designed, featuring highly-qualified academic staff, external teaching staff and important links with the local area, public and private companies and stakeholders. The aim is to create a relationship with the production world in response to the demands of the labor market, with an increasingly oriented focus on an international context.
From 2000 we managed the development of over 500 projects, 150.000 teaching hours provided to 5.500 students, involving 900 italians and foreign teachers.
We carried out in collaboration with more than 500 public and private businesses and institutions, in order to foster integration between universities, institutions and businesses, thereby contributing to the development of the local region by training new professionals.


The quality of the plan, the economic possibility, the attractiveness of the professional figure for the labor market, these are the criteria on which we evaluate the feasibility of the project. With this in mind, we build an ad hoc organization for each training project.

Gruppo di lavoro Perform
Gruppo di lavoro Perform completo


One of our goals is to provide knowledge and skills that can be immediately spent in the labor world.
A strong partnership with companies is therefore a prerequisite for the positive outcome of the training project.
The partnership provides the involvement of external stakeholders in all the project development steps: from the feasibility analysis phase to the plan phase, during the training phase, with the intervention of experts, who complete the university teaching with professional experience, and in the stage of internship, to complement the training course assigned to each student.

Chi Siamo

Curiamo la realizzazione di percorsi di alta formazione in diversi settori, economico, giuridico, architettonico, tecnico scientifico, sanitario, umanistico - linguistico, socio - psicopedagogico: Master universitari di I e II livello, Corsi di perfezionamento, Corsi di aggiornamento professionale, Corsi di formazione permanente


In questa sezione è possibile consultare i PDF dei bandi e degli ammessi ai nostri corsi e master.
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